Child Protection Home

This is a great opportunity to experience Thai culture and volunteer in a meaningful way. One and a half hours from Bangkok, in the Samtusonkram province, there is a home for vulnerable and abandoned children.  As a volunteer you can … Read More

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Bat Hospital

This project is based between The Great Barrier and the Tropical Rainforest of northern Queensland, Australia. These areas are rich in biodiversity, actually among the richest in the world. Working as a volunteer here, means mostly work with animals and … Read More

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Big Cats Sanctuary

After much hard work we are delighted to offer a long-term and sustainable big cats project. This project is a driving force in the fight against so-called “Canned Hunting”, and only a handful of travel agents have permission to work … Read More

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Dolphin expedition

Dolphins inhabiting the coastal waters of Greece are facing significant threats. Some dolphin populations must deal with increasing human encroachment, while others have disappeared altogether from portions of their former range. At the Dolphin Project you will work to ensure … Read More

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Bali Teaching

At the project in Bali we support local children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old with English education, an opportunity they otherwise would not have. Do you have a passion for creating activities, learn and love to … Read More

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Child Care House

In Rio you will get the chance to work with young kids who are in need of love. You will assist them with the development of their social skills and the strengthening of their characters while experiencing the Brazilian culture. … Read More

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Elephant Rehabilitation

Surrounded by a beautiful environment, you have the opportunity to work with one of the most magnificent creatures in the world, the elephant. Elephants are decreasing, not only in Thailand but all over the globe. It is not only the … Read More

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A mixture of international metropolis, medieval chaos and regal splendour, Delhi is crammed with tombs, temples, monuments and ruins, side by side with modern suburbs. As a volunteer in Delhi, you will work at street children’s shelter homes. … Read More

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Singburi Education

This is a great opportunity to experience Thai culture and volunteer in a meaningful way. Travel to Singburi and teach children and young people English, a language valuable to many people into today’s age. Allow the children to learn about … Read More

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Hälso- och sjukvård på vårdcentraler och sjukhus


Are you looking to go into health care or further your experience in the field? This project gives you the opportunity to work in clinics as well as hospitals – furthering your scope of knowledge and broadening your horizons. Not … Read More

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Undervisning på skola och förskola i Mgahinga

Pre-School/ school Mgahinga

Right next to the entrance of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is a school and daycare centre which take care of the children in the surrounding villages. Here, as a volunteer you will assist with the schools activities, from teaching to … Read More

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Kampanjarbete mot sexuella trakasserier

Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

Are you passionate about social and justice issues? With this project you will be a part of a program that goes around the village’s schools and churches, giving lectures about harassment and how to counter it, producing an environment safe … Read More

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Skolundervisning i engelska och matematik


There is a great need for English teaching assistants in Ghana, whose official language is English but so few are able to speak it. As a volunteer you will work with children, as well as their parents, to better their … Read More

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Barnhem för ensamma och föräldralösa barn

Orphanage Project

In Ghana, there are orphanages scattered throughout the country, fuelled by people with a passion to do something for the abandoned children in their communities. Here you have the opportunity to contribute with your time and effort to help these … Read More

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Quito Health

Volunteer with health related issues either at a local health centre or with one of the various municipal health projects. Also an option for this project is to work with various street projects, where you essentially act as a support … Read More

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Quito Daycare

Working at Quito Day-care is perhaps the most challenging – but also most encouraging experience.  There is a constant need for more staff, so your help is greatly appreciated by the children. Your role is to teach, play games, read stories or just … Read More

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Cape Town Orphanage (0-4 Y/O)

In South Africa, you can help change the lives of young children aged 0-4 years that live in orphanages. As a volunteer you make a big difference by giving children the attention and love they need while the centre works … Read More

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Lima is beautifully situated on the Pacific rim and has crackling markets, historical museums and crowds of people intermingled with long beaches and hiking trails that you can easily get to over the weekend. Volunteers are needed in the poor suburbs at kindergartens, schools, … Read More

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