Rehabiliteringscenter för skadade och föräldralösa fladdermöss

Bat Hospital

This project is based between The Great Barrier and the Tropical Rainforest of northern Queensland, Australia. These areas are rich in biodiversity, actually among the richest in the world. Working as a volunteer here, means mostly work with animals and … Read More

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Stora kattdjur på hållbart naturreservat

Big Cats Sanctuary

After much hard work we are delighted to offer a long-term and sustainable big cats project. This project is a driving force in the fight against so-called “Canned Hunting”, and only a handful of travel agents have permission to work … Read More

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Rehabilitering för asiatiska elefanter i underbara Thailand

Elephant Rehabilitation

Surrounded by a beautiful environment, you have the opportunity to work with one of the most magnificent creatures in the world, the elephant. Elephants are decreasing, not only in Thailand but all over the globe. It is not only the … Read More

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