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In south-east Asia the fascinating island kingdom of Indonesia is made up of over 17,000 large and small islands of which only 6,000 are inhabited. The landscape is magnificent with its beautiful volcanic scenery, snow white beaches and tropical jungles to its snow-capped peaks of West Papua. Indonesia has the world’s second largest rainforest with unique flora and fauna, including the amazing primates, the Orang-utans. This country can be described as one of great diversity, where the people, customs and practices vary considerably in each and every province, making each state feel like you are traveling to a new country. Indonesia has 215 million people inhabiting its islands – from more than 200 ethnic groups!

Rainforest devastation is a big threat to all the animals and plants in Indonesia, with over 140 species under threat of extinction. With the rise in illegal trade of rare species, the situation has worsened. Several areas have been established as nature reserves under the UNESCO to try and lessen the plight of many of Indonesia’s animals.

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