Here you can find the answers to many questions you might have when travelling as a volunteer. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Frequently asked questions

Am I traveling as a part of a team?
Can I bring my children along?
Can I extend or shorten my trip?
Can I get a study allowance from The National Board of Student Aid, when I do my internship abroad through Volontärresor?
Do I need teaching experience?
Do I need visa?
Does age matter?
Does my contribution as a volunteer benefit anyone?
How can I make my trip more environmentally friendly?
How do I book?
How do I find a flight ticket?
How much will I work?
Is insurance included?
Is there a risk of being infected with HIV/ AIDS?
It is likely that I will get a food poisoning?
Should I bring gifts?
What additional expenses should I count on?
What are the prerequisites?
What equipment do I need?
What vaccinations do I need?
Where will I stay?
Who can go?
Who will help me if I have a problem?
Why pay to travel as a volunteer?

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