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The CARIBBEAN – Bahamas

Bahamas, Caribbean is the paradise of your dreams. Here you have bright white beaches, turquoise water and amazing coral reefs for scuba diving and snorkelling. Fishes in all colors, like the houses on the islands. Colors dominates the Caribbean and the environment is astonishing and beautiful.  It is easy to get around here. The local people are relaxed and here you live life in“Caribbean time” and with the lifestyle-Don’t worry be happy!

Bahamas consist of a group of islands with approximately 700 islands and islets. It covers over 260 000 km² of the Atlantic Ocean. It lays between Florida and Hispaniola. If you want to compare with something, the group of islands Bahamas is approximately 20% bigger than Jamaica. Here lives around 310 000 inhabitants. Most of them lives on the islands New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Nassau is the capital of Bahamas and is situated at New Providence.

The largest island is Andros and the Bimini islands that is situated about 80 km east of Florida. At the island Gran Bahama lays the next biggest city Freeport. The island Abaco lays east of that one. The most southeast island is Inagua. English is the offical language.


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Quick facts: The CARIBBEAN – Bahamas

310 000
Bahamian dollars (BSD)
Visa required
Check with your ambassy
adapter needed
Time zone
Country calling code
+12 42

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