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Approximately 8million tourists visit Greece every year. Many people choose to take the boat and go on a trip between all the islands; others choose to visit the famous Acropolis Museum in Athen, others go to southern Greece for a visit at Olympia, and some people travel to Rhodes to get a bit of everything.

No matter what part of the country you choose to visit, you will have a wonderful time in a country with nice people, good food and wine, beautiful turquoise sea, many historical places that is worth a visit and great shopping opportunities.

No wonder Greece is such a popular destination!


Greece has a subtropical climate. During most of the year, the climate is very pleasant but it can vary between sun and rain.
During wintertime the weather is mild, and the summers are hot.

The average temperature in the capital city during August is 33 degrees, and in February about 14 degrees.
It can drop to -7 at the winters and rise up to 41 degrees in summertime.


The Orthodox Church is the dominant religion. There is also a small group of Catholics and Protestants, and in the region Thariken the minorities of the people are Muslims.


During the antic the Greeks lived in isolated small states. What united them were strong culture, religion and the language.
The culture is all about music, religion, traditions, food and wine.

Music culture is characterized by the Western. You will hear the traditional Greek folk songs wherever you go.
Love, freedom and resistance against dictatorship are what modern Greek music is all about.
A couple of well-known artists are: George Dalaras, Melina Mercouri, Elena Paparizou and Peggy Zina.

Food culture – Lamb meat, tzatziki, cheese and olives describes the Greek kitchen perfectly. They use a lot of garlic and different spices.
Most common in Greek restaurants is that you order small portions of everything and then share it with each other.

The most beloved beverage is wine. More than 200 000 families in Greece works with viticulture, and this has been going on since the antic Greece. Back then, Dionysus was considered as the god of wine.
Wines from Greece are both strong and seasoned with cinnamon and thyme, but also sweet and fruity made of figs, apples, pears and their own unique pomegranates.


Greece has over 6000 islands and from Athen, the capital city, you are always just a step away from nearby beaches.

One of the most popular destinations are Zakynthos, it is Island located at the west coast of Greece and has about 30/40000 inhabitants.
Here you will find fine beaches, amazing mountains and beach parties.

Glyfada, Nea Makri, Faliron and Chrysi Akti are some of the beaches you can find along the Athenian Riviera. These can be reached by bus from the city, which is a fast and effective way.

General rules and tips:
– Avoid sunbathing topless
– If you are leaving the beach, even for a short while, put on a t-shirt or similar.

Local people get offended if you walk around naked on the beach or at the surrounding area. It is therefore important to respect their culture and opinions.

Shopping and prices

Local products have always been cheap in Greece, for example herbs, spices, olive oil, honey and other delicacies.
Clothing and electronic products are usually not cheaper.
There is a wide collection of bags, shoes, sunglasses and clothing that is fake. It is important to remember that there is a risk to get caught at the airport, if they catch you with copied products.

The Island Santorini is famous for its gems and jewelry, which are relatively inexpensive. A store that we recommend is Nakis. Here you will also find shops such as Versace and Armani.

If you want to buy good wine and olive oil, you should go to island of Crete. Here you will also find Crete’s famous honey.

Greece’s largest market will be found in Thessaloniki, and it is called Modiano. Most of the shops are open throughout the whole tourist season and here you can by alcohol, shoes, crafts etc.

Nature/National Parks

Samaria National Park – This Park is open from May 1st until October 15th each year. Here you can walk among the mountains and rocks while enjoying the stunning views.
The Park is open from 6 am until the evening which gives the opportunity to be flexible.

On the island of Kefalonia you will find the mountain Ainos, which mostly is a National Park. The Park is covered by “Pinus nigra” (black pine), “Abies cephalonica” (Greek fir), pine forests which are of 700-1200 meters and in north there are numerous caves.
Between 3/4000 people lives on the slopes, where a highway connects the island’s southwestern and eastern parts.

Parnassos is located in central Greece, east of Delphi. It is a mountain located in a national park with one of Greece’s most well-preserved forests.

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