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Vietnam is a country filled with life. The country has around 7million visitors per year and no matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. Vietnam has a unique culture, the Vietnamese cuisine that is loved all over the world, waterfalls, rainforest, beaches and much more.

The country is located in Southeast Asia. It is only a country with a total area of 332,698 km2, but what it offers is so much.
A trip to Vietnam will be a good memory for life!


Vietnam has a tropical climate. In south, the climate is humid and hot while in the north it can be really cool.
A large part of the country is covered by mountainous, making the climate elsewhere subtropical.

The average temperature in the capital city Hanoi in June is 30 degrees. During the month of January, the temperature is about 17 degrees.

Average precipitation in August: 343 mm.
January 18 mm.


4/5 people says they don’t have any religion. In theory, there is religious freedom in the country, but in reality it is strict and the government has set limits for religious belief. However, there is a group of Buddhists who practice their religion to a certain extent, and there is also a small group of Christians.


Since Vietnam was ruled by China for several of thousand years, the country got strongly influenced by the cultural life of the neighbor country at north. In the late 1800s, Vietnam was introduced to concert music, drama and fiction by west European style.

South Vietnam was influenced by American’s pop music during the war in the 1960s and 1970s when the American troops came in.

The Vietnamese kitchen – The Vietnamese cuisine is loved by people all over the world; stir-fries, grilled meat, vegetables, fresh herbs, coconut, ginger, rice, fresh fruits and the famous fish sauce ”Nouc mam” are some examples of what is typical Vietnamese .

In Vietnam, it is common to grill and eat dogs, frogs, rats, snakes, birds and monkeys. This is certainly not common in many other countries; it may be a good idea to be prepared so that you don’t get a shock when you check the menu at the restaurant.


Vietnam shines with more than 3400km of coastline. The white beaches are endless and consist of fine sand, beautiful lagoons, hidden coves and tropical islands.

It is said that Phu Quoc is the most beautiful island in Vietnam. Here you will find the romantic beach Ong Lan Beach, the irresistible beach Bai Sao and the sophisticated Long Beach. No matter which beach you visit, you’ll not be disappointed by the white sand and the tropical jungle that surrounds the island.

Try surfing off the coast of Da Nang, and have a drink while working on your tan at Da Nang’s China Beach.

If you want to get away and visit a quiet place, Doc Let is worth a visit.
This small part of the country is home to some atmospheric towns and some fine, white sand beaches.

Shopping and prices

Shopping in Vietnam is mostly cheap, but remember to haggle!

Vietnam is best known for its gemstones, craft, war souvenirs, art and historical clothing. You’ll also find bamboo, leather goods, painted porcelain and reed mats.

Items made of silk are very popular and prices vary depending on which tailors you go to. It’s easy to sew dresses to fit your measurements for a small additional charge.

But remember, no Vietnam trip is completed without having purchased the classical cone hat!

Nature/national parks

Cat Ba National Park: This Park is basically a tropical rainforest. The park is island – based and has a large collection of birds, reptiles and other animals.

Here you will find excellent swimming opportunities and a number of hiking trails leading to: Ngu Lam Mount, Trung Trung Cave and Frod Lake.

Cuc Phuong National Park: This Park is located in Ninh Binh, near the antic city Hoa Lu. Here you can cycle along the scenic road that overlooks the rice fields and the park is also said to be the best place for bird watching.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park: This pearl deserves more attention than it gets right now. Enjoy the serenity while you take a boat trip along the river, and behold the beautiful limestone caves.

Cat Tien National Park: 150km north of the largest city in Vietnam, you will find one of the best-kept parks. Cat Tien is home to 40 endangered species and there is plenty to do: paddle along the river, hike or why not go camping?


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