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This is a great opportunity to experience Thai culture and volunteer in a meaningful way. One and a half hours from Bangkok, in the Samtusonkram province, there is a home for vulnerable and abandoned children.  As a volunteer you can help the children with their homework, teach English and play games with them.


Project fee from EUR 930

Your Role as a Volunteer

Most of he children at this project have been abandoned. Some of them have been mentally or physically abused by their families or people close to them. The project hosts about 60 children. The youngest are 2 years old and the oldest around 17 years old. Often they cannot live in their own homes so they live at the centre. The centre is not an orphanage but rather a place for these children to enjoy a safe environment filled with love and attention. All the children aged 2-17 attend school in the same neighbourhood.

During the days you go to help teach at the small local school where the children from the home attend. You only have to teach 2 classes in the morning, then you can go home to rest. In the afternoon, you can help the older children with their homework, help the little ones or join in the games, basketball etc.

Tasks you might be involved in as a volunteer include:

  • Creating a playful environment and encouraging the children’s creativity through educational games, ordinary games, singing, drawing, etc
  • Teach at the local school where the children from the home attend during the week.  There’s a ready-planned curriculum which you can follow easily.
  • Helping the older children with homework in the evening if they have some, and also helping them with time outside where they exercise and play before dinner time.

It is challenging to be a volunteer in Thailand. You are able to help and do great things but expect that it may require a large amount of initiative and motivation in order to succeed. The work additionally requires patience, as the children are often difficult having been through both physical and mental trouble. Be sure to run ideas, or issues you are having through your group leader or project coordinator so that they can help you and encourage you in the right direction.

The Project’s Mission

The project aims to encourage and help the children in making better decisions about their future. By providing these children with a bit of stability they are offering the children a new perspective on life as well as offering new opportunities for them. The purpose of Child Protection Foundation is to provide protection so that the children don’t end up on the street. Your work is to build the children’s confidence and to focus on their mental well-being and thereby give them a second chance to create their own future. The organisation further works to establish multi-cultural exchanges for the children so as to broaden their horizons.

Local Partners

Volunteer Travels works with a local organisation, and due to this partnership we can offer all volunteers a safe and well organised stay in Thailand.

How do I book a trip?

You can book your trip with Volunteer Travels by calling us on (+46) 08-23 93 00 or by booking through our website by clicking on “Book a trip”. You can also email us on [email protected]. When you have registered yourself we will send you an invoice with a registration fee of £200.00. The registration fee is later incorporated into the trip price and the amount is then deducted from your final invoice. When you have paid the registration fee you are formally registered. You will then receive preparatory information from us in good time to plan your trip.

Your Everyday Life


On arrival in Bangkok, you will be greeted by a staff member from our local partner organisation. Then you will travel to the project site, approximately one and half hours away. Your time at the project will start with an orientation where you will learn about the Thai culture and general tips on how to behave in Thailand. 

Accommodation and Food

As a volunteer you will share a small guesthouse at the project site with up to 6 volunteers.  You will need to wash your clothes yourself while staying at this project. There is no wi-fi at the project site, but you can go to a coffee shop wich is not too far away to get free wi-fi. You can also get wi-fi at the library next to the school from Monday to Friday (except school holidays where you wont go to the school, but stay at home) In Thailand, people usually eat three meals a day and each meal consists of rice accompanied by one or more side dishes. The Thai word for “eat” is “Khin kao” which literally translated means “eat rice”. The food is tailored to the volunteers and is not very spicy, because foreigners tend to get stomach problems from too spicy food. If you want to, you can always spice up a little extra for yourself.  


When you’re not working, you are free to explore Thailand on your own. Your project coordinator will be pleased to give you advices on destinations and activities during weekends. Why not go out sightseeing in Bangkok. Or why not visit Khao Yai National Park for two days and two nights, where you can see animals such as the Asian black bear, tiger or Asian elephants. In the park there is also a waterfall called Heo Suwat, know from the movie “The Beach”.

About Thailand

Friendly and fun-loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic; Thailand beams with a lustrous hue from its gaudy temples and golden beaches, to the ever-comforting Thai smile. Beyond the beaches, there is a fascinating country with a great culture and tremendous hospitality. The celestial world is a close confidant in this Buddhist nation, where religious devotion is a colourful and ubiquitous spectacle. Gleaming temples and golden Buddha’s frame both the rural and modern landscape with exuberance. With Thailand’s exotic beaches and tropical forests there is no time for being bored, with too much to explore and discover.

Practical Information


Your flight ticket is not included in the tour price and you will need to book it through a travel agency of your choice. Book your ticket so that you land early in Bangkok on a Tuesday (project start at 12 am (noon) at the latest). Your last day will be on a Friday, following the number of weeks you booked at the project. You need to book your return flight, if you are not staying longer, for the Saturday or Sunday. Please be sure that your ticket dates correspond with your time at the project accurately.


It is the volunteers responsibility to acquire the right visa for the trip. Different visa rules may apply depending on your nationality. Visit the embassy web page of your destination to find out what the visa terms are between your country and that destination.


It is your responsibility to make sure that your insurance covers illness, injury and theft whilst you are volunteering. Most travel agency’s sell a travel insurance that is valid for volunteer work, so be sure to enquire about it when booking your flight tickets. Volunteer Travels does however, supply liability insurance and is included in the price. Liability insurance applies to instances when compensation for damages is demanded of you, as a private person, for unintentionally hurting someone or for unintentionally damaging someone else’s property.


You should contact your nearest vaccination centre for any questions regarding vaccinations for travel to Thailand. Volunteer Travels always recommends vaccinating against Hepatitis A and B when travelling abroad.

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