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In terms of population, India is the largest country in the world after China. It is a country where all world religions have been represented for centuries, but Hinduism is by far the largest, making Hindi the official language of India (together with English), as approximately 80% of its people are Hindu. India, known as the world’s largest democracy, gained independence from Britain in 1947, yet despite this still have many old British touches in their culture and country even today. India boasts incredible natural wonders and wildlife, with beautiful varieties of birds and other animals not found anywhere else. In the north are the Himalayas, a well-known mountain range, while in the south beautiful beaches stretch for miles. In the north-west are deserts probably unlike any you have seen before, that you can explore by camel. India is an extremely colourful country, in people, culture, food and scenery. India is also unique in that it has 6 seasons with the additional, summer monsoon and winter monsoon.

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Quick facts: India

Approx. 1.2 billion
New Delhi
Indian rupee (INR)
Visa required
Time zone
UTC +5.30
Country calling code
Hindi, tamil, english etc.

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