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This is the program for those who want to spend some time abroad and who want to learn about China and Chinese culture. This project is particularly ideal if you are studying to be a teacher, or if you are looking for a break in your university studies or career. Most English teaching positions are unpaid, so this project is especially good for those of you who cannot afford time off from being paid.

Project fee from EUR 1,820

Your Role as a Volunteer

With this project you might be placed anywhere in the country, or at an English language centre. Following an orientation course where you are prepared for your teaching role and placement, you are placed in a private double room or apartment. Apart from the accommodation you are responsible for your expenses. Summer falls between July to September and winter between January to March. An 8 week school holiday falls in the summer and a 4 week holiday in the winter. If your stay, over a holiday, you are free to explore the country on your own or stay at the volunteer centre and run the holiday English camps in the village.

Schools in China are large in comparison to most, with between 1,000 and 5,000 students. However, the standard is still good, with classes of around 35 students, with some exceptions. Throughout the duration of your stay you will receive guidance from our partners on the ground.

Pre requirements:

  • You must be at least 22 years old
  • You must have a degree from a university or college, however it does not need to be in English
  • Speaking English as your first language or have a Billingual Diploma
  • Good knowledge of English, including grammar, reading comprehension and writing skills
  • High level of motivation to teach and work with local teachers and other staff.

Salary and Working Hours

You teach about 20 hours a week. If you speak Chinese or master it quickly you can be paid up to 475 USD per month. If you do not have training or speak Chinese but still want to participate in the program you will be paid slightly less. Your salary will be paid on the 25th of each month, so be sure to make your money last until the end of the month for the next pay day.

The Project’s Mission

China, like many other Asian countries, is in great need of English teachers. By teaching English you open up a different kind of education for children and young people, as well as giving them the opportunity to access information on a new language around the world.


The projects are run in collaboration with our local partner who has extensive experience in hosting volunteers. Thanks to Volunteer Travel’s cooperation we can offer you a well-organized and safe experience as a volunteer.

How do I book a trip?

You can book your trip with Volunteer Travels by calling us on (+46) 08-23 93 00 or by booking through our website by clicking on “Book a trip”. You can also email us on [email protected]. When you have registered yourself we will send you an invoice with a registration fee of £200.00. The registration fee is later incorporated into the trip price and the amount is then deducted from your final invoice. When you have paid the registration fee you are formally registered. You will then receive preparatory information from us in good time to plan your trip.

Your Everyday


Someone from our local partner will meet you at the airport and take you to Guilin. From here you will take a bus to a village called Fengyan, which will take between 2-3 hours. Your orientation course starts here, both introducing you to the area and the country, as well as your teaching position. This orientation takes 4 weeks and covers, Chinese culture, language, traditions, as well as the food culture.

For the teaching course, your language lessons in Chinese are extremely important, as well as your trips to school where you can take notes on teachers “in action” and see how they do it. This is important for you to get advice and tips to prepare for your teaching position. Your English skills will also be tested using the TEFL tests during this time.

You will then spend a minimum of 16 weeks as a paid teacher in your selected location.

Accommodation and Food

During the first 4 weeks of orientation, you will be staying in Fengyan, a village near the town of Gongchen. Here an old house has been converted into housing for volunteers. If you do not stay here, you will stay at a school in the town of Yangshuo, for your orientation. At the volunteer house you will eat meals together with the other volunteers and participants staying in the house.

Once you start working, you will be placed either in a private double room or small apartment. Apart from the accommodation you need to cover your costs, including some of the accommodation kitchenware. Be sure to bring warm clothes in the winter as some of the housing does not have central heating. While working at the school, you will eat in the school cafeteria with the other teachers, while organizing meals for yourself on the weekends.


During your off time on weekends you are free to explore the area that you are staying in. Guangxi Province where you will be working has many attractions to offer. Why not take a bike ride along the Yulong River or boat trip on the Li River, known for their sugar loaf mountains that follow along the river.

About China

China is the world’s fourth largest country by area with a population of over a billion. The country boasts ancient traditions to world-famous buildings, with a society and economy that is growing faster than most countries around the world. A blend of skyscrapers and shacks together with immense crowds of people everywhere will blow your senses. Guangxi Province is located in southern China and is about the size of Great Britain. There are about 49 million inhabitants with no less than eight minority groups, each with its own culture and history. Lying on the southern border of Guangxi Province you’ll find Vietnam, a beautiful country in its own right.



Flight tickets are not included in the tour price. You could book your tickets from any travel agency of your choice. Remember to book your flight so that you arrive in Guilin one day before the project starts. Your last day is on Friday, after the number of weeks you have chosen to work as a volunteer. If you want to go home right after the end of the project, you should book a trip home for the next day, ie, Saturday, or Sunday. Be sure to check the arrival and departure dates on your ticket.


It is the volunteers responsibility to acquire the right visa for the trip. Different visa rules may apply depending on your nationality. Visit the embassy web page of your destination to find out what the visa terms are between your country and that destination.


It is your responsibility to make sure that your insurance covers illness, injury and theft whilst you are volunteering. Most travel agency’s sell a travel insurance that is valid for volunteer work, so be sure to enquire about it when booking your flight tickets. Volunteer Travels does however, supply liability insurance and is included in the price. Liability insurance applies to instances when compensation for damages is demanded of you, as a private person, for unintentionally hurting someone or for unintentionally damaging someone else’s property.


You should contact your nearest vaccination centre for any questions regarding vaccinations. They will advise you on which vaccinations are necessary when travelling to China. Circumstances can change quickly, but it is always you, who makes the final decision on which vaccinations to get. Vaccinating against Hepatitis A and B is recommended always when travelling abroad.

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