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This is the place to experience the rhythm of rural life and timeless landscapes of dazzling rice paddies and swaying sugar palms. The South Coast is fringed by tropical islands, with just a handful of beach huts in sight. Inland from the coast stretch the Cardamom Mountains, part of a vast tropical wilderness that provides a home to elusive wildlife and is the gateway to emerging ecotourism adventures. The mighty Mekong River cuts through the country and is home to some of the region’s last remaining freshwater dolphins. The northeast is a world unto itself, its wild and mountainous landscapes a home for Cambodia’s ethnic minorities and an abundance of natural attractions. Despite having the eighth wonder of the world in its backyard, Cambodia’s real treasure is its people. The Khmers have been to hell and back, struggling through years of bloodshed, poverty and political instability. Thanks to an unbreakable spirit and infectious optimism, they have prevailed with their smiles intact. No visitor comes away without a measure of admiration and affection for the inhabitants of this enigmatic kingdom.

To see and do

When you are free from your volunteer work there are exciting attractions and activities for you to see and do. Here are a few:


 Mekong – Mae Nam Khong

River Mekong is one of Asia’s biggest and here are the houses build on poles and the markets are floating. The rivers diversity of species is large and this is the home habitat for endangered Mekong dolphin.

Sun & sea


The city lies in the south of Cambodia and is today a sun- and bath paradise. Beaches lies outside the city’s three sides and here you go to relax and bathe in the warm water.

Bamboo Island

This small island lies outside Sihanoukville and here only live about 30 people. A quiet Island offering beautiful beaches and inviting clear blue water.


Angkor Wat

This 900 year old temple is Cambodia´s maybe most visited destination and are on UNESCO:s world heritage list. Wander around among these amazing ruins or rent a bike to go between the different parts.

Royal palaces

Visit the beautiful palace that was built on the 1700-century during the French colonial rule. Here is also the biggest cathedral in the country.


Cambodia has a tropical climate, which means that it is warm and moist.
Between December – January the average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

During April and May is the average temperature around 30 degrees Celsius.

The wet monsoon period is from May to October and the dry period is from November – March.


  • Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant, three-course: 15.50 $
  • Water (1.5 liter bottle): 0.68 $
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle): 0.71 $
  • Taxi 1 km (Normal tariff): 0.75 $

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