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Would you like to get in touch with a previous volunteer? We have a large register with previous volunteers who are happy to help you and can give you important information before your trip.

United States is the worlds only remaining super authority. The country is the forth biggest in the world and are known for the big variations in climate, landscapes, flora and fauna.  The landscape is varied, with plains that extend from the Atlantic to wooded hills in the east. Mississippi- Misouririver, the worlds forth biggest river system, cut through USA and flows into the gulf stream of Mexico. The US is a federal rebublic consisting of 50 states. The US is a nation build on immigration that consists of many ethnic groups. The proportion of European-born residents decreases while the Latin American population is steadily increasing. The US is one of the worlds most powerful country och they are working actively to remain. One example is the US:s military budget: if you create a list over 10 countries that are spending most money on the military, is the US on the top – and spends more money on the military than the 9 other countries together.

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