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Traveling as a volunteer in Peru is like having two trips in one. You make a trip to an exciting country that has everything: the Amazon jungle, Andean mighty peaks, the Pacific Ocean with its beautiful beaches and vibrant cities.

To see and do

When you are free from your volunteer work there are exciting attractions and activities for you to see and do. Here are a few:

Nature/National Parks

In Peru you will find the Amazon River and its surroundings that are covered with vegetation. The interesting thing is that the Peruvian part of Amazonas is so large that it should take months or years to visit the whole area. Some of the animals that live here are hoatzin, jaguar, howler monkey, sloths, parrots, emperor tamarin and many more.
In Amazonas there are many animals and plants and the diversity is blooming.

Sun & sea

Peru has a 300 mile long coast line with cold ocean currents and low temperatures does that only the summer months, January – March is really good for sun and sea.

However up in the northern parts of the country, were warmer water from the equator cut in and pleasant temperatures around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Here you can enjoy the sun and sea year around.

We recommend a visit on the beaches around the city Tumbes. Here you can find white beaches and activities such as surfing, water scooter and fishing.


Take part of the mystical ruins of the old Inca city Machu Picchu. Take a roundtrip and explore one of the most exciting destinations in the world.
2400 meters above the water in the Andes imbedded on a plateau you can contemplate this legend.
The archaeologist estimate that 1200 people can have lived on the area.
The most important parts of the religious areas lies on the crest of the plateau, with a view over the lush El Valle Sagrado de los Incas down under.

There are numerous of historical sites to find around the area of Cusco and a suggestion is that you take your time to really explore this area of Peru.


The mountain chain Andes divides Peru in three different regions. The coastal areas on the west side of the mountain comprises of a narrow tableland with some rainfall and small differences between the seasons.
The highland is moist with downfall and colder weather then the rest of the country.
On the east side of the Andes is the climate tropical with high temperatures and large amounts of rain during the rain period.

In the capital Lima you can count on a similar climate year around. The warmest period is between December – March with temperatures around 25-28 degrees Celsius during the days and around 20 degrees in the evenings and nights.

In general it rains very little in Lima, January is considered as the wettest month when it falls around 15 mm of rain.

Cuscos climate differes a whole lot from Limas, mostly because Cusco lies on 3400 meters height. The average temperature doesn´t change much during the month, and lies around 19-21 degrees Celsius during the days.
Evenings in Cusco is colder than the days, temperatures goes down to 4-7 degrees Celsius. During May – August you have to prepare yourself that the temperature can go down to zero degrees.
During December – February it rains a little bit more than 100 mm per month. Remaining months counts as relatively dry when it falls between 2-40 mm per month.  


  • Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant, three-course: 67.50 S/.
  • Water (1,5 liter bottle): 2.35 S/.
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle): 2.21 S/.
  • Taxi 1 km (Normal tariff): 5.00 S/.


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