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Colombia has a rich cultural heritage, particularly from indigenous communities Conquistadores (Europeans) and Africans. Like its culture, the country has diversity of habitats and biodiversity-rich with beautiful beaches on the Atlantic and Pacific. They also have amounts of rain forests, rivers and exotic animals including the Amazon region shared by Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Colombians are characterized for being open, happy and warm people which has contributed to the country attracted more tourists than ever before. The British magazine The Economist awarded Colombia a price as the “land of the year 2016” after the country finally made peace with the gerrilla group FARC. That the rebells and state ran out of the conflict has led to the country becoming more tourist friendly and economically attractive while Colombians hope for a prosperous future, have become larger.

Colombia is listed on, the swedish biggest travelmagasin, Vagabonds list of “The Best Destinations in 2017” as the hottest country in South America. The country is safer then ever and has opened their arms for tourisms. Few countries can match with Colombia’s tropical climate and cool activities. You can experience activities such as riding a stationary riverboat through Amazon’s steamy jungle, ride on a thumping party bus in Cartagena, swim in the still deserted beaches of the Caribbean Sea. If you like coffee, you can also explore the world famous coffee plantations in the Zona Cafetera.


Colombia is a tropical country on the equator. This means that the country don´t have any seasons. The country has different climatic zones depending on where you are. Colombia is a mountainous country so it can for example be chilly in Bogotá and Manizales, located in the mountains, but warm and comfortable year round in Cali, Bucaramanga, Medellin, and the coast of course. Colombia is perfect to travel to year round, because the average temperature is 25 degrees celsius throughout the year.

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