Campaign Against Sexual Harassment

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Are you passionate about social and justice issues? With this project you will be a part of a program that goes around the village’s schools and churches, giving lectures about harassment and how to counter it, producing an environment safe for all. Help make a change in the lives of many harassed and bullied children, as well as adults.

Volunteer against sexual harassment in Ghana


Project fee from EUR 910

Your Role as a Volunteer

Most teachers in Ghana schools have no training with respects to sexual harassment, so for them this is also a constructive campaign. Volunteers will learn to use different tools such as songs, role plays and news, attempting to reach the children and adults alike in a moderately serious and playful way.

Some of the topics focused on during the workshop include:
• Definition of sexual harassment for children and adolescents
• Introduction on how to protect yourself from situations that could lead to sexual harassment
• Introduction of Yes / No feelings and exercises through role play on how to express these feelings
• Facilitate discussions on issues related to sexual harassment
• Differentiating facts and misconceptions regarding sexual harassment
• Encourage students and schools to work together to create a safe environment for students where they feel they can seek support should they feel harassed.

The project is closed:
The schools are closed two weeks around Easter and from first of July until the first week of September and three weeks during Christmas holidays.

The Project Mission

Sexual harassment is a widespread problem in Ghana and unreported cases are high. The project aims to highlight the occurrence of these events, as well as increase self-esteem and awareness of children about these issues.


Our local partners in Ghana are the first to tackle this tough subject and have been welcomed by the Ghanaian government. By using an education project to target sexual harassment experienced by children and adolescents, they are able to attend many schools around the country and run their workshops. Together with our local partners, Volunteer Travels is able to provide you with a well-organised, safe and meaningful experience for both you and the people that you get to work with.

How do I book a trip?

You can book your trip with Volunteer Travels by calling us on (+46) 08-23 93 00 or by booking through our website by clicking on “Book a trip”. You can also email us on [email protected] When you have registered yourself we will send you an invoice with a registration fee of £200.00. The registration fee is later incorporated into the trip price and the amount is then deducted from your final invoice. When you have paid the registration fee you are formally registered. You will then receive preparatory information from us in good time to plan your trip.

Your Everyday


After arriving in Accra, you will be met by a representative from our partner’s organisation. You will spend your first night in Accra, before traveling to Kumasi by bus. Here you will be introduced to your host family and accommodation. Orientation will then take place once you have settled, where you will learn more about the Ghanaian culture, what cultural differences to expect, your expectations and issues that arise from living with a local family as well as extensive training on the workshops that you will be assisting in.

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation will be provided by a host Ghanaian family. You will live at our project managers apartment. These host families are normally from the middle class and have running water and electricity; however some may not have such luxuries. Volunteers are able to choose whether to share a room with another volunteer with the same host family or stay on their own. However, you will never be expected to share a room with one of the family members. Drinking water will be your responsibility to purchase and is easily available.

About Ghana

Ghana is a beautiful and welcoming country, a perfect blend of modern and traditional living. Ghana has a population of approximately 24 million people, with 52 different ethnic groups and 79 languages making it an incredibly interesting and diverse country. Ghana is made up of dense forests, low coastal plains intersected by a number of rivers and in the northern areas high plains, with hilly areas found on the eastern border.

English is the official language but most locals speak one of the Gur- or Kwa- languages. During your orientation you will learn a few key sentences in Twi, a Kwa-language spoken by most of the people living in and around Accra.



Please make sure to book your ticket so that you arrive in Accra on a Sunday, the day before orientation starts. Your time at the project, dependent on how many weeks you have chosen, will always end on a Friday. If you are to return home immediately make sure that you book your ticked for either the Saturday or Sunday following this Friday. Be sure to double check your arrival and departure dates on your ticket and that they coincide with your project dates.


It is the volunteers responsibility to acquire the right visa for the trip. Different visa rules may apply depending on your nationality. Visit the embassy web page  of your destination to find out what the visa terms are between your country and that destination.


Please note that this is just a guide to the vaccinations that you need and we advise that you contact a vaccination clinic or your local doctor. You will be required to have a yellow fever vaccination before entering Ghana and make sure to keep your vaccination booklet with your passport when traveling. We also advise that you get Hepatitis A and B and rabies vaccinations, as well as taking malaria prophylaxis.

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