News! Enable the future for less privileged kids in Colombia!

New project in Colombia!! 😀

On this project you will enable the future for less privileged kids on a school in the big city Bucaramanga. You will educate them in english and french if you want to. So it will be easier for the kids to get a job or continue studying on a university in the future.
Colombia is listed on, the swedish biggest travelmagasin, Vagabonds list of “The Best Destinations in 2017” as the hottest country in South America. The country is safer then ever and has opened their arms for tourism. Few countries can match with Colombia’s tropical climate and cool activities. You can experience activities such as riding a stationary riverboat through Amazon’s steamy jungle, ride on a thumping party bus in Cartagena, swim in the still deserted beaches of the Caribbean Sea or if you like coffee, you can explore the world famous coffee plantations in the Zona Cafetera.
Colombia is perfect to travel to year around, because the average temperature is 25 degrees celsius throughout the year.
Check out our new project here >>

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